Motorbaiks - The Biography

Motorbaiks is the new band from Transit guitarist René Baiker, who has written and produced the album „ Sold Your Soul“.

René is not unknown in Switzerland and can look back on a long musical history with different levels of success. With Transit he was in the charts (best place: 8, Take Your Love, 1988), for example. Lots of tours in Switzerland and surrounding countries, six albums released with three in Japan, for Rene, Transit was a good vehicle for creating his success. Since leaving Transit in 1993, René has been busy with various bands, applying his craft as a live musician, also engineering and producing other artists in his studio Die Klangfabrik.

René and Canadian musician Don James Ayer met each other in 2000 when Don and his band Fair Haven recorded and mixed their second album at Die Klangfabrik, and the chemistry between them both was immediate. In Canada, Don is a much sought after singer and songwriter. He has worked for many years as a producer, engineer, and live musician with  various bands,  and his experience reflects in his strong powerful voice and rhtymical guitar playing.

In this time, Don immediately sang two songs for the Motorbaiks mini Cd „ CAUTION, DON’T BELIEVE“, which led to  the two musicians working together on the full length „SOLD YOUR SOUL“.

The new record from Motorbaiks actually began in 2002 when René and Don started playing live together. The songs were co written and then Peter Haas, a fantastic session drummer, was brought in to fill out the groove. René then played and recorded the guitars and bass.

The lineup of MOTORBAIKS is complete since the end of September 2008. After the breakup with the singer Don J. Ayer, Mace Mitchell (S.A.G.EM), an American with Swiss roots, is the front man, Markus Eberle hits the drums (Dirty Bastards, Tin Pan Alley), and Bruno Veneri plays the bass.

For Motorbaiks, patience and hard work has paid off. „ SOLD YOUR SOUL“ has definitely lived up to all expectations, delivering a spirited, groovy and varied album. In 2009 Motorbaiks hits the stages again for a live show that defines the fact that real heavy metal is not, and never will be dead.